Fall Beauty Hacks

Goodbye summer, hello autumn!  The transition from summer usually means a faded tan, dry skin, and cold and flu season.  But it doesn’t have to be that way! Today I’m going to share 6 “beauty hacks” for fall so you can make the best of the season, in green beauty style.

1. Keep that summer tan going strong, naturally

Why say goodbye to your sunkissed glow?  Extend your tan with Eco Tan.  It’s certified organic by Australia’s Food Chain and made with the best natural, gluten-free ingredients.  Choose from a variety of products including a mousse or a lotion to provide a nourishing, gradual tan for your face and body.  Even if you have skin like Snow White, you can have a gorgeous sun-kissed glow in a matter of days, without the sun’s harmful rays!

2. Repair dry hair and split ends

Gone are the days of salty, beachy hair.  That might have left you with dry hair and split ends, unfortunately!  Try using Evolvh Ultra-Repair Reconstructing Masque to turn straw into silk.  It’s an intense salon-professional (yup- you'd pay $30-$50 for this treatment in the salon) conditioning treatment and is especially helpful for color-treated hair, heat styling, or harsh environmental factors. It is also amazing for soothing coarse, curly or frizzy hair.  It’s a blend of raw lecithin with amino and fatty acids that are vital for hair health.  This natural, vegan, gluten-free conditioner is designed to be used weekly or monthly to leave hair shiny and silky no matter what the previous condition. 

3. Hydrate your parched skin

Say goodbye to summer-parched, dehydrated skin with Kosmatology Lotion Bars.  Not only are they super easy to apply, but these solid moisturizers are made with organic ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil that effectively soothe dry skin conditions.  They are formulated by a pharmacist for her daughter with eczema, and are created without water which means there are zero hazardous preservatives and chemicals like phthalates, parabens, PABA, or petroleum. Available in many sizes and are perfect for the purse (and on cuticles), these bars glide on for effortless application - especially on wiggly kids. 

4. Change up your lip color for the season!

In summer I tend to wear more pinks or bright coral colors, but then once fall fashion starts changing, my go-to lip color does too!  I find that reds, oranges, and darker shades are really fitting for fall.  Luckily, The Choosy Chick carries lots of pretty lip products that also are incredibly hydrating with nourishing oils.  Check out these:

  • (NEW!) Ogee Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils: Any of the shades would be perfect for fall, but “Begonia” is a really pretty, everyday mauve and  "Gardenia" is a warm, earthy-nude.  This formula is lightweight, yet moisturizes and protects with a blend of organic oils including cold-pressed jojoba seed oil. 
  • Au Naturale SuStain Matte Lip Stains:  A natural formula that lasts for hours all while hydrating?  Yes please!  A great, everyday fall color is “On Pointe,” a muted nude-mauve.
  • Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick:  Not only are these moisturizing, but the tones are just gorgeous for fall. My picks? “French Flirt,” a warm mid-toned red. “Berry Crush,” a deep rich merlot. Or “Scarlet Red,” a raspberry red.
  • Nudus Lip Euphorias:  Handcrafted in Australia with certified organic ingredients and combine bioactive ancient ayurvedic colors and extracts made from organic flowers, fruits, herbs, and minerals with organic cold pressed oils. Shades Bittersweet, Dreamtime, Ruby Rose, and Viva are stunning for the changing season!

5. Get ready for cold and flu season

There’s no better way to beat cold and flu season than to be prepared and proactive!  Keep germs at bay with the Kosmatology Hand Sanitizer which also fits perfectly in a purse, or a Foaming Hand Soap to keep near your sink.  Made with totally natural ingredients!  Also new on the scene at The Choosy Chick is Badger's Aromatic Chest Rub which you definitely want to replace your original "vapo-rub."  It gets 5 star reviews, and is made with good for you ingredients without the petroleum and camphor!

6. Add some new eyeshadows to your look

The new Lily Lolo Stellar Eye Shadow Palette features eight beautiful shimmery shades that will work perfectly in tandem with your fall looks! Including neutrals, pinks and plums to create both soft and bold looks.  They are lightweight, long-lasting, and buildable.  And of course, all natural!

There you have it!  Now you're ready to tackle fall, in health and in style!


Written by: Organically Becca

Organically BeccaBecca is a blogger, wife, and dog mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She’s on a mission to get the word out about chemicals found in our everyday items like makeup, food, and personal care products.  She provides education on ways you can live a more holistic life and easy swaps you can make in your routine to naturally safer products.  Check out Becca’s blog organicallybecca.com and catch her on Instagram @organicallybecca.

Organically Becca