Our Story


The Choosy Chick was created out of a personal quest to find safe and effective health and beauty care products.  Like many of you, we were shocked to learn that the products we had been using everyday on ourselves and children contained ingredients considered to be harmful.


All this time we had thought the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a responsible role in ensuring consumer safety.  Wrong!  Unfortunately, there are no laws or FDA regulations required to determine the safety of individual products or ingredients.  Cosmetic companies are also not required to share their safety information with the FDA.  This was disheartening to learn and marked the beginning of a change in our approach to selecting and purchasing our own products.


Our first step in this journey was to educate ourselves.  We studied ingredients.  We bugged manufacturers about their products and manufacturing processes, referenced independent testing firms and other reputable sources.  The next step was to find products deemed to be toxic-free in our local drug stores and supermarkets.  Not so easy. Even products claiming to be “natural” or “organic” still contained toxins.  We grew tired of coming out of stores empty-handed.  The need to find a place to shop for safe but effective products for the whole family was obvious.  As a result, The Choosy Chick was hatched.


At The Choosy Chick, we’re committed to researching, sampling and selecting the finest non-toxic personal care products you and your family deserve.  We developed our very own standard for ingredients which has become the foundation for our product selections.  We will NOT be duped by natural sounding names or natural looking packaging.  At times we have had to dig deep to find products that meet this standard.  As a result of our choosy nature, we offer the purest, most effective and unique products available today.


The good news is, there are some AMAZING products out there that are far more effective than their toxic counterparts.  We value the manufacturers we have selected for their commitment to creating high quality products and for putting the safety of consumers first!





We provide our customers a “one stop shop” with safe and

effective beauty products.  We're dedicated to educating consumers

about this vastly unregulated industry and the harmful ingredients

in many personal care products saturating the marketplace today.