Toxins are everywhere. They are in the air, water and soil. They are used to preserve our food and to make it look more edible. They are mixed into our cosmetics and personal care products to make them smell nicer and last longer. They are in our storage containers and cookware. Our job is to REDUCE the amount of toxins our families are exposed to. We must all become Choosy Chicks, and reading labels on everything from toothpaste to sunscreen is our first line of defense.


There are many small changes you can make on a daily basis in your home to reduce exposure to common toxins. Some of the following changes require little time or effort; it’s just a matter of making them a habit.




  1. Leave your shoes at the door. They track in pesticides, herbicides and bacteria. Get yourself one of those pretty shoe trays and designate a place for everyone in the family to leave their shoes.
  2. No more plastic water bottles. Invest in a water bottle made from stainless steel or glass. The same thing applies to baby bottles and sippy cups. Plastic bottles can leach BPA into drinks and news has it that the newer BPA replacements aren’t much better for you.
  3. Pay attention to what’s going on in Washington and your state governments. Contact your representatives to support Clean and Green bills.
  4. Replace your toxic health and beauty products with pure ones - The Choosy Chick is at your service!
  5. Replace your plastic food storage bags with paper bags and ditch the aluminum foil. Get Grandma to do the same. Waxed paper is a good substitute.
  6. Get rid of the Teflon pans. When heated, Teflon (a perfluorinated chemical) can emit toxic fumes into the air and it’s hard not to suspect it leaches into the food you’re cooking. Opt for stainless steel, ceramic or cast iron pans, and good old glass for baking or casseroles.
  7. Vacuum and damp mop regularly. Toxins emitted from household items and products end up in dust! The highly efficient HEPA filtered vacuums do a super job and will reduce allergens as well.
  8. Have your water tested. Spend a little more money to do a detailed test that includes pesticides. Then...filter your water. Then...drink it! Drinking a lot of water will help flush toxins out of your system!
  9. Flame Retardants. No longer allowed in kids’ PJs, they are widely used in furniture, car seats, foam pillows and cushions, mattresses and electronics like remotes and cell phones. Make sure the foam has an intact covering; remove old frayed or disintegrated foam from your home, and don’t let the kids put their mouth on the remote!
  10. Do not put chemical pesticides or herbicides on your lawn. Look for safer alternatives. Our favorite is simply white vinegar! Put it in a spray bottle full strength to kill weeds and crabgrass or mix with water to use as a glass cleaner.
  11. Avoid the smelly candles! Choose natural soy candles or even better - choose beeswax which cleans the air!
  12. Fill your home with house plants. They do purify the air!