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Babies and children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of toxins in the environment because their body systems have not fully matured.  According to The ATSDR, childhood is a time of rapid growth and development.  It is accompanied by changes in organ system functioning, metabolic capabilities, physical size and behavior that can significantly modify the effects of toxicant exposure.

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Unfortunately, lack of regulation has allowed more and more toxins in our air, food, water and the products we use everyday. As concerned parents who want the best for our children, we must stand at the forefront of this issue by expanding our knowledge, making smarter choices and becoming active in organizations that aim to keep children safer.

We are proud to offer a collection of carefully selected, non-toxic products specifically designed for our most vulnerable population.



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Mini Lotion Bars


*Winner Gorgeously Green Beauty Award - Sophie Uliano* Kosmatology's solid moisturizer contains organic ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil that effectively soothes dry skin conditions. Made without water,... Learn More


Jack n' Jill Toothpaste

Jack N' Jill

Make brushing teeth fun with this adorable, truly natural  toothpaste for little ones. It is great tasting and is  non-GMO and free of palm oil derivatives. No fluoride, no preservatives... Learn More


The Green Balm

Magic Organic Apothecary

* Now formulated with 99.99% Certified Organic ingredients 🙌 Magic Organic Apothecary's Green Balm from London is the multi-purpose balm that some call a "miracle".  This award winning, cult product... Learn More


Anti-Bug Shake & Spray


Badger’s Anti-Bug Shake & Spray is a totally organic and natural bug spray repellent using only pure essential oils to naturally keep bugs (mosquitoes too!) away from you and your... Learn More



Bio Toothbrush

Jack N' Jill

Now available in Little Dino!  These adorable toothbrushes are the perfect complement to your Jack N’ Jill toothpaste. We love that they are compostable and biodegradable!  With rounded nylon, soft... Learn More


Clear Zinc Unscented Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30


New formula/technology! Badger SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion is a lightweight, easy to apply, non-greasy, everyday sunscreen lotion.  Blocks the sun’s harmful rays with clear zinc oxide, a specialized... Learn More


Sustainable Sea Sponge

Sustainable Sponges

New larger sizes (9-13 cm)! Sustainable Sea Sponges are the only truly ecologically farmed sea sponges in the world.  Farmed in the sea in Micronesia, and known as the "wool... Learn More


Fair Trade Aloe Vera Gel


Pre-order: Expected to arrive early May Badger's Aloe Vera Gel is your antidote to cool and soothe irritated, sun-parched skin.  Made with 96% pure, organic, fair trade aloe juice.   It’s... Learn More
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Kids Sport Sunscreen Clear Zinc SPF 40


NEW!  Badger Kid Sport Sunscreen is now SPF 40 and made with their new clear zinc! Families love the scent of this orange creamsicle sunscreen. Water resistant to 80 minutes, it... Learn More


Cocoa Calendula Balm

Buttercup & Jake

This buttery balm gently soothes and protects dry, irritated skin with an amazing chocolate- vanilla bean fragrance from real vanilla beans! Great for everything from winter chapped hands and noses... Learn More


Clear Zinc Oxide Sport Sunscreen SPF 35


Get those surfboards waxed!  Badger's SPF 35 Sport Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen starts out white but rubs in clear. It's so easy to apply you’ve got to try it to... Learn More


Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Lip Balm


Badger's Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lip Balm with SPF 15 protects lips with safe, non-nano Zinc Oxide and is rich in certified organic ingredients. Lightweight, unscented and added protection from the sun,... Learn More


ECO Formula SPF 30

Raw Elements

Ages 6 months and up Raw Elements has created unique Physical UV protection through their Organic Eco-Shield Performance Technology.  It is water resistant beyond 80 minutes, yet gentle and moisturizing... Learn More
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Avocado and Oatmeal Soap

Graham Gardens

This "no-scent" gentle cleansing soap is made of soothing Colloidal Oatmeal and nutritious, nourishing Avocado Oil. Its rich lather is so mild it is perfect for little ones and makes an... Learn More
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Apple + Broccoli Hair & Body Wash

Pleni Naturals

Clean and hydrate little one's hair, scalp and skin gently, yet thoroughly with this fun and easy-to-rinse combination shampoo and body wash.  Pleni Naturals Apple Broccoli Hair and Body Wash ... Learn More


Soothing Skin Cream

Buttercup & Jake

This fluffy, silky cream is literally like whipped cream frosting! It was created to gently comfort a child's dry, itchy skin, but is loved just as much by the adults.... Learn More
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Lotion Bars


*Winner Gorgeously Green 2016 Beauty Award - Sophie Uliano*  Kosmatology Lotion Bars are solid moisturizers made with organic ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil that effectively soothe dry skin conditions.... Learn More


Bio Bamboo Cups

Jack N' Jill

Super cute, Jack and Jill Biodegradable Bamboo cups are a dream come true.  Say goodbye to the accumulation of single use plastic and paper cups.  Naturally BPA & PVC Free, these... Learn More


Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Earth Mama

The natural, hospital-recommended Earth Mama Shampoo and Body Wash that is perfect for sensitive wee ones, big kids, papas, mamas and mamas to be. This pure, organic, foaming castile Calendula... Learn More


Natural Baby Lotion

Earth Mama

This natural, non-toxic, soothing lotion made with organic ingredients was formulated with extra care and was the first U.S. personal care product certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard.  Available in... Learn More


Neutral Collection Hair Ties

Indie Girl

Indie Girl Hair Ties are a fashionable alternative to traditional ponytail holders, that are comfortable to wear and will not kink or damage hair.   Available in a gorgeous array of colors... Learn More


Rose Face Tinted Sunscreen SPF 25


  Best-seller and budget friendly!  The lovely natural rose aroma combined with the lightweight feel of this facial sunscreen/ light foundation make it a winner!  This tinted moisturizer provides sheer... Learn More


Candy Bar Collection Hair Ties

Indie Girl

Indie Girl Hair Ties are a fashionable and comfortable alternative to traditional ponytail holders that won't damage hair.  They can be worn individually or layered to create a unique look.  Perfect... Learn More


Daily Lifestyle 30+ SPF Pump

Raw Elements

NEW!!  Raw Elements Daily Lifestyle formula is a lightweight version of their most trusted eco formula, perfect as an everyday moisturizer for both face and body.  Whether it’s keeping up with... Learn More


Anti-Bug Balm


Certified organic and all natural DEET-free bug and mosquito repellent now in easy-to-apply sticks. Organic and all-natural citronella, cedar, and lemongrass essential oils naturally repel biting insects in a base... Learn More


ECO Stick SPF 30

Raw Elements

Ages 6 months and up Raw Elements has done it again with this convenient sunscreen on a stick that is excellent for the face.   Formulated with their unique Organic... Learn More


After Bug Travel Stick


Organic bug bite itch relief with colloidal oatmeal. Annoying mosquito makes a meal of you? Say ahhh... Stop the itch-scratch cycle with Badger's certified organic and all natural After-Bug Travel... Learn More



Indie Girl

Indie Girl headbands are fashioned out of the same soft, stretchy fabric as their popular hair ties.  Keep hair away from your face elegantly with these one-size-fits-all bands that won't... Learn More


World Traveler Collection Hair Ties

Indie Girl

Indie Girl Hair Ties are a fashionable alternative to traditional ponytail holders, that are comfortable to wear and will not damage hair.  They can be worn individually or layered to create a... Learn More
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Baby Balm


Care for your baby's delicate skin with 100% natural, safe and soothing Badger Baby Balm. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil gently softens and moisturizes even the most delicate skin. The... Learn More


Golden Calendula Oil

Buttercup & Jake

This lovely oil brings the healing powers of fresh grown Calendula flowers directly to your skin. Gentle enough to soothe everyone in the family from baby's delicate skin to Grandma's... Learn More


Tinted Face Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen - ECO Tin

Raw Elements

Plastic-free!  Raw Elements Tinted SPF 30 for Face is the perfect product to use as a daily face moisturizer whether hitting the beach or running errands. The addition of the... Learn More
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Green Beauty Starter Bag - Little Ones

The Choosy Chick

Get little ones started young on natural, green beauty!  Perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers,  this bag includes some of our most popular non-toxic products that parents can feel good about.  Bag style may... Learn More


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