Lipstick Ingredients & The Lipstick/Lupus Connection
Is your lipstick hazardous? How much lipstick do we ingest?  The 5 most questionable ingredients found in popular lipstick brands and the study that links ingredients in lipstick to rising autoimmune disease: lupus.
National Lipstick Day: Special Event!

National Lipstick Day: Special Event!

by Margot White

July 29 is National Lipstick Day! Did you know that women ingest an average of 3-5 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime? We're celebrating by EDUCATING women about the questionable ingredients, and with a special offer to make choosing safer options easier than ever before!.
Mindfulness 101 - 3 Easy Ways  to Become More Mindful
Our mind never stands still and many thoughts are actually loops. We tend to tell ourselves the same stories about who we are in this world and how others see us.  Learn how to break the pattern - with Andrea Leber, Aussie yogi instructor and editor.