We are pleased to represent Kosmatology, a local company in Connecticut that not only recognizes the importance of avoiding harmful chemicals but has the experience to back it up! Dr. Janis Kosma Covey, compounding pharmacist, formed Kosmatology LLC after the birth of her children. She was unable to find high-quality skin care products that were free of harmful preservatives and chemicals.

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Dr. Covey's daughter suffered from eczema, and although her doctor prescribed steroid creams, she was fully aware of the problems associated with them (thinning skin and slowed growth) and refused to use them on her baby. Having been a compounding pharmacist for the past 15 years, she used her extensive knowledge and experience to create a line of high-quality skin care products that are free of harmful chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial colors and drying agents. With her highly effective, natural solutions she put an end to her daughter's eczema and has prevented it from returning.

Kosmatology products are made with only high quality natural and organic ingredients that not only benefit the skin, but also the environment.