Create our "Gorgeous Ghoul" with Natural & Organic Makeup!

Yes, you CAN achieve this look without harmful chemicals!  This Gorgeous Ghoul was designed and decorated by talented makeup artist Mayra (Instagram @slayxmay).  She created this incredible face using ONLY natural/organic makeup, and just 2 products: our INIKA Certified Organic Eye Pencil in White Crystal and our Lily Lolo Smoke and Mirrors Eye Palette.  Step-by-step instructions below, but first, a bit on those completely unnecessary, completely toxic Halloween makeup kits...


Toxic Halloween Makeup


We get knots in our stomachs when the mounds of Halloween makeup palettes begin to appear in stores.  Our family had a wretched experience when one of our kids became very ill during the application of one of these. Read that story HERE. The manufacturers of Halloween makeup are notorious for using some of the most TOXIC ingredients.  On one makeup kit alone we spotted 17 of our Big Baddie Ingredients including PEGS, Parabens and Coal Tar Dyes!  To make matters worse, many of these kits are marketed directly to children.  

Create our Natural "Gorgeous Ghoul" - Mayra's Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Start with your Lily Lolo Smoke and Mirrors Palette (or other Lily Lolo palette with light and dark shades)

Begin working with the pink shadow (Matte Baby Pink) first in the inner corner of the eye. Using the next shade to the right (Myth), deepen the crease with each shade.  Use shades from lightest to darkest to create a smoky effect.  Apply the second shade from the left (Looking Glass) to highlight the brow bone.  Use the last shade to the right (Deception) on the lid and blend up to the crease.  Apply the Matte Baby Pink to the inner corner to blend the smokiness of the gray into the pink. 

2.  Finish with your INIKA Eyeliner in White Crystal

Use the white liner to draw out all the details of the sugar skull. Once you draw the lines and details, use one of the darker shades of your shadow palette to create contrast and shadows around the teeth and around the dots to make the white liner pop a little more. Be creative!


Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween!


Margot White