If you’re like me, you continuously and consistently pamper your face, only to realize years later that you haven’t shown much love to your neck at all (possibly never). One more time, it would have been a good idea to listen to my mother, who kept urging me not to “forget the neck”.  By that she actually meant the skin covering the throat, a part of the body that truthfully tells the age because no makeup can change its appearance. And once it shows some sagging, it’s high time for damage limitation.

When you apply your moisturizer or body oil - don't neglect your neck!  This will  improve skin texture, for example xxxx. But to complement these, some exercise is highly recommendable (yes, there is such a thing as an exercise for the throat!). The ancient science of yoga recommends a posture called “Lion’s Breath” in order to relieve tension in the throat and face. 

Now here’s a little more science for those who are curious how all this works: Lion’s Breath actually stimulates a muscle at the front of the throat called the platysma. When this muscle contracts, it pulls down the corners of the mouth and produces wrinkles on the neck. Practicing this posture keeps the platysma firm even in old age.

 How to Do the Lion's Breath Pose:

  • Find a comfortable sitting position on the floor
  • Press your palms against your knees and spread your fingers
  • Inhale through the nose
  • Deeply exhale through the mouth, stretch the tongue out, contract the muscles of your throat, open your eyes wide, and exhale from the back of the throat producing a sound that resembles “ha”
  • Direct your gaze at the tip of the nose
  • Repeat up to 3 times

Another tip (not related to yoga at all): think of something that really annoyed you during the day, and then just let off some steam when you exhale. It really helps with producing the right sound!

Do you feel silly now? Then you’re doing it right.

Other Tips:

  1. Always apply moisturizer and SPF to neck. Young ladies - use that SPF now in your 20's!
  2. Maintain good posture and limit amount of "head down" time on phone
  3. Exercise and stay hydrated
  4. Consider using the jade guasha tool which is used with an oil or moisturizer to apply pressure while gliding over and upwards on the skin. The purpose is to stimulate meridians and circulation to heal pain and inflammation in the body, revitalize chi and deter sagging by providing a lifting effect. 

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photo courtesy: @myneckbeauty

By: Andrea Leber

Andrea is a travel & wellness journalist and yoga guide publisher with 15+ years experience in the publishing industry.  Having lived in 6 countries on 3 continents, she currently enjoys life in Australia and soaks up inspiring ideas in India.  On her website andrealeber.com you’ll find stories that inspire and empower you to live, not just exist.  Follow Andrea on Google+, send her a Tweet @AndreaLeber or download your free 50+ page ‘Best of Yoga’ guide to Melbourne here: http://andrealeber.com/bestofyoga 

Andrea Leber