As it is in the Tao, GingerChi is about a path: a path to true beauty through well-being, health and vitality. GingerChi is not only proud to present a unique beauty regimen that works naturally and with nature, but they are also committed to providing information on all the aspects of harnessing Chi – through exercise, diet and lifestyle. GingerChi specializes in products that detox the body by way of the lymphatic system.  Dry brushes, jade products and facial tools help stimulate the production of collagen, cleanse and close pores, and relax facial lines.  Many of GingerChi's products are made with fresh ginger oil to harness ginger’s revitalizing effect on Chi and the body systems that directly influence the appearance of skin.   It’s this mindful balance of yin and yang between the selected ingredients, working in harmony with each other, that creates a unique beauty regimen.  

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Working with skin’s natural sebum, each GingerChi product is formulated to address Chi at a cellular level.  Their oils carry fat soluble vitamins, sterols and carotenes, which when massaged into skin penetrate and nourish, generating heat in skin cells. Elimination is improved, creating a balanced environment where the flow of Chi and circulation of blood is restored. GingerChi brings you the healing power of ginger in its most natural form to support beauty from the inside out. You will experience greater vitality inside the body and healthy, glowing skin outside.