Argan Fruit on Argan Tree


Have you heard people refer to argan oil as "liquid gold"?  That's because it is one powerhouse oil that has been used for centuries throughout the world to bring relief to skin infections, bug bites, acne, burns and even rheumatism.   It is super rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids and is a simple, head to toe moisturizer that provides some serious age-defying benefits.  Mighty but gentle, argan oil will nourish skin without clogging pores and can be used on all skin types, from acne-prone to super-dry. 



Argan oil is sourced from the kernels of argan trees (Argania spinosa L.) native to Morocco.  The small, round fruit from argan trees contains a hard-shelled pit which is encased in a layer of pulp.  Within this pulp lies a kernel where the precious oil is found.  

Producing argan oil is no simple task.  Argan fruit falls from its trees and is gathered by workers for kernel extraction.  Skilled laborers crack the fruit open, grind and press them until argan oil is produced.    



Our friends at MUN (Argan Oil experts) explain what's in Argan Oil that makes it so powerfully effective.

 Fatty Acids - Fatty acids help stimulate cell regeneration and keep our complexions looking youthful and vibrant.  These include  Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, and Palmitic Acid.  Together, these help protect the skin from sun damage, moisturize, promote healing and alleviate acne, seal in moisture, bring relief to dry skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.  

 Tocopherols (Vitamin E):  Argan oil contains 771 mg of vitamin E per 1 kg of oil. Vitamin E is packed with antioxidants, which act as free radical scavengers and prevent signs of aging. A powerful moisturizer, vitamin E also helps the skin stay hydrated, repair sun damage, diminish the appearance of scars and soothe irritated dry skin.  

Polyphenols / Ferulic Acid:  Polyphenols are a true wonder ingredient; not only do they provide UV protection, but they also have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and free-radical fighting properties, promoting repair and healing.  Like vitamin E, they can also help repair the effects of sun damage.   When exposed to sunlight, Ferulic Acid's antioxidant, free-radical-scavenging properties actually increase, helping to combat photo-aging. 

Triterpene Alcohols:  Whether ingested or applied topically, triterpene alcohols have been found to reduce inflammation, contributing to argan oil’s many skin care benefits. 

Phytosterols:  Occurring throughout nature, phytosterols stop the slow-down of collagen production caused by sun damage and actually encourage new collagen production, making them a powerful skin protector and anti-ager.  

Squalene:  Found in plants, animals, and our own sebum, squalene acts as an antioxidant and an emollient, softening skin as well as preventing and diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.  It locks in moisture, prevents UV damage  and is a key to maintaining a youthful, radiant glow.


Katie - The Green Product Junkie -  is smitten with MUN Argan Oil 





1.  Body Moisturizer - Apply all over body after showering to lock in moisture leaving skin soft and glowing.

2.  Cuticles - Massage into cuticles and apply to nail bed after removing polish, or use to extend your manicure.

3.  Facial Moisturizer for all skin types - Apply at night and/or in the morning under makeup for a smooth makeup application with a dewy/glowy look.

4.  Hair - Use as a leave-in to quickly moisturize dry ends or leave on overnight as an intense hair treatment.

5.  Scars and Stretchmarks - Massage into scars and stretch marks to soften and to help prevent stretch marks from occurring

6.  Makeup Remover - Dab on tissue or cotton ball and remove stubborn eye makeup.

7.  Rough/dry skin patches - Massage into elbows, heels, and dry skin patches to bring moisturizing relief.  Excellent for eczema and dermatitis. 

8.  Fine lines/sun damage - Use as a serum at night to combat sun damage, fine lines and hydrate skin

9.  Minor scrapes and burns - Because of the antioxidant properties, argan helps to soothe and repair skin from minor scrapes and burns. 

10.  Acne - Argan oil can actually help balance oily skin, which can result in fewer blemishes.  It also encourages cell turnover to help reduce acne scarring. 

MUN Argan Oil


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