The magical brand all the way from London that won our team over.  

It is our honor to introduce to you, all the way from London, award-winning Magic Organic Apothecary.   We had never heard of the benefits of Yarrow in skincare before, but as MOA products worked their magic on our own family's skin, we were intrigued.  The miraculous powers of this humble herb have been used for centuries to soothe irritation, heal and repair.  We think you will be just as smitten with this unique brand that weaves together nature, folklore and a sprinkling of "magic".   See our introductory offer below. 


Established in 2010, MOA creates natural skin care products in England that are inspired by old herbal folklore and a sprinkling of magic.   Their star ingredient and hero herb, Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium), is shrouded by tales of folklore and can be found beside hedgerows all across the UK.   This incredibly healing herb is found in all of their products and is grown in Somerset where they sow the tiny seeds by hand and harvest its leaves and flowers each year.  

Charlie Fowler Creative Director at Magic Organic Apothecary

Charlie Fowler, Founder and Creative Director at MOA.


The Green Balm - MOA's first creation, the multi-purpose healing balm some call a "miracle."  This cult product is packed with organic Yarrow and combined with a variety of soothing natural oils, Beeswax and Tea Tree Oil - nature's powerful antiseptic.  It is commonly used and loved as a purifying cleanser to remove stuck-on makeup with ease and cleanse pores.  The Green Balm was created to soothe many skin conditions including everything from bug bites, to eczema and athlete's foot.  

Daily Cleansing Ritual -  The kit includes a 50ml pot of their cult Green Balm, crammed with organic, healing Yarrow.  Yarrow is cleverly blended with a variety of nourishing, natural oils and nature's antiseptic - Tea Tree Oil.   A super-soft bamboo face cloth is included for the utlimate cleansing experience.   Help remove excess oil, impurities and give your skin a deep, balancing cleanse that will remove traces of makeup including stubborn eye-makeup.  Skin will be left feeling moisturized and soft.

Aphrodite Facial Oil -  This magical "dry oil" blend made with regenerative Rosehip Oil is suitable for all skin types and promotes cell turnover to reveal radiant, balanced skin.  Damask rose essential oil which is very helpful for dry, sensitive skin types prone to redness and blemishes.  Organic Yarrow (hero ingredient in all MOA products) helps to even skin tone and calm irritation.  Fragrant Rose Geranium balances skin, while Marshmallow extract gently soothes and calms.


We are constantly evaluating products from around the world which led us to research England's MOA.  The incredible reviews of this award-winning line and their unique skincare ingredient - Yarrow -  had us intrigued.   We wanted to learn more about the so called magical herb and its healing and regenerative properties.  

We were instantly taken with the artsy, sustainable packaging.   The Green Balm was the first product we sampled.   Our team noticed that it relieved itchy skin spots, and helped speed the healing of scrapes and scars.   Wow!  Then we tried the Daily Cleansing Ritual.  Good timing, as I happened to be experiencing an unusual hormonal "burst" shall we say.    After one application my skin felt calm, the bumps made smaller and less red.  I then used it on some comedones (clogged pores) on my chest.    I smeared The Green Balm on and then laid the warm bamboo cloth over the bumps.  Within 3 days of this treatment, my bumps were almost gone.  Wow!  The Aphrodite Oil is equally as impressive as we have learned not only about the benefits of Yarrow, but the rejuvenating effects of Rosehip Oil which is naturally loaded with Vitamin A, C and Essential Fatty Acids.   After two months of use, we noticed our skin felt soft, nourished and hyper-pigmentation from scarring and sun damage was reduced.   All the while it absorbed beautifully, and never left behind a greasy residue.  Double wow!

Chiara Ciabattoni, director of marketing at MOA tells us more about the brand:


It was our mission to make yarrow, our hero herb, available within a skincare product.  Yarrow is such a miraculous and healing herb, but not found in many skincare products all, despite being a favourite amongst many herbalists because of its numerous properties.   Our original product, The Green Balm, harnesses the powers of yarrow in a multi-purpose balm.  We enjoy making natural skincare which is affordable and effective whilst also attractive and magical to behold.   We are cruelty-free certified.   Our packaging comes from sustainable sources, mostly made in the UK and printed with vegetable based inks, as we try our to make our products as eco as possible.

Needless to say, Magic Organic Apothecary  was just calling to be placed alongside our natural and organic selections at The Choosy Chick.   We hope our customers enjoy the beauty of this highly effective, yet affordable skincare brand as much as our own team has!

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Hi I just purchased the the magic organic. And was wondering. Do you wash twice a day or just at night..

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