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Abbigail English

Daily Cleansing Ritual

Multifunctional balm

This balm has literally been used from head to toe! I've used it as a cleansing balm and the first step in my skincare routine. It helps remove all my makeup, especially on the eyes. I love the healing yarrow and find that it helps calm my skin. I love that it comes with the super soft bamboo cloth, I use this to wipe off the balm from my face. Speaking of the yarrow... this stuff works wonders on cuts! I find myself reaching for this anytime I get scrape or cut (of course I pair it with the Patch bandages). Lastly, I use this product on my feet! It helps keep my cracked soles soft. Just don't use too often on feet or the skin at the bottom of your feet will peel.

Love this product!!

This is amazing. It removes the makeup without irritating your skin. And I love the bamboo wash cloth!! Feels great on your skin

Thanks Rachel for your feedback - we love MOA too!

Joyful Lifestyle
I Look Forward to this Daily Ritual

You know a product is wonderful when you actually look forward to using it. I love taking a few minutes each night to engage in this Daily Cleansing Ritual by MOA. The Green Balm is very soft, almost creamy in texture and is easy to extract from the jar - not solid hard like some balms. It has a light herbal scent, a bit medicinal but not unpleasant, and it easily melts into the skin when applying. I also love the accompanying Bamboo Cloth, which truly is super soft to the touch and - along with the balm - effectively removes makeup. (I can tell, because my cloth is no longer white, even after washing it ;) After rinsing with the cloth, my skin feels very supple - not dry at all. Most importantly, my complexion has remained balanced and issue-free during these cold transition months. This is a product I will purchase again!

Thanks Annie, so glad this is working magic on you like it does for us!

I Wasn't Sure What to Expect...

...from a product that seems to do everything. Could it really remove makeup and get my face clean? Yes, it does - even mascara, eye brow definer, and lots of eye shadow. I love the bamboo face cloth too; it really helps to remove the makeup.