Jade Gua Sha Treatment



Enjoy GingerChi's latest tool for natural age-defying protection -  the Jade Gua sha Treatment for Natural Face Lift Therapy.  This modern, light touch treatment is based on the ancient healing art of Gua sha.  Gua sha is a massage-like technique used in traditional Chinese medicine that incorporates a stone or porcelain tool and a lubricant. The tool is used to apply pressure while gliding over the skin. The purpose is to stimulate meridians and circulation to heal pain and inflammation in the body and to revitalize chi. 


GingerChi adapted the gua sha concept and modified the tool design to create a treatment that naturally restores firmness to sagging skin and provide radiance to dull skin.  Used with GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum,  the green Jade Gua Sha Natural Face Lift Therapy Tool increases blood flow to the dermal layers - clearing congestion, stimulating cell renewal and improving nutrient absorption.  

Benefits (was created to help address specific mature skin concerns)

  • Iron out frown lines in the eyebrow and forehead area. 
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. 
  • Lift and tighten loose skin at the neck and jawline.  
  • Improves radiance by removing stagnation in the skin.
  • Improves skin firmness by increasing the rate of cell turnover.   

    NOTE: Stone size and color may vary due to handmade nature.


    GingerChi GuaSha Tool is made of Xiuyen jade, a high quality jade from Xiuyen, in northeast China.

    How To Use

    Please refer to the detailed instruction leaflet included for more details.

    Noteworthy Certifications

    GingerChi invests a portion of sales in causes that support women and the environment including: Women for Women International and The Grace Children's Foundation.