Green Beauty Must Haves for New Mums

As a new mum, I was astonished – even shocked – by the drastic changes my skin had gone through during pregnancy and birth.   There was really no denying it.  My skin lacked moisture and firmness, and the dark circles under the eyes were proof of the lack of sleep.  Wrinkles appeared out of nowhere, and I suddenly looked five years older.  Things went back to normal eventually, but only after trying out a whole range of products over the course of almost one year – and all were far from bringing the desired (and promised) results. This was a time-consuming, frustrating and expensive learning curve.

The good news is that for the second pregnancy, I’ve successfully narrowed it down to a few clean, natural must-haves that are easy to use and bring immediate results.

These are my go-to items (and true lifesavers) for new mums:

I’m using Dr. Sponge’s Body Cleansing Green Tea Sponge instead of my normal sponge under the shower and could feel immediate results, particularly on the legs and upper arms.  The sponge is infused with food-grade green tea powder and will moisturize and rejuvenate your body after just one application.  It’s a hydrating treatment that you’ll want to make part of your daily routine to protect your skin from free radicals (psst…works wonders on the face, too).  The sponge itself is made of Konjac, a native East Asian plant and powerful booster because it’s naturally rich in vitamins (A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12, and C) and minerals.

They do say that green tea is good for you, and here’s another product to prove it: Solavedi Organics’ Green Tea Plus Coffee Bean Eye Balm.   It’s made with yummy matcha tea and organic oils and effectively soothes tired eyes and reduces puffiness and dark circles (yes, tea and marigold can work wonders!).  Just take a few seconds to gently dot a tiny amount onto the delicate area under the eyes, go to bed and wake up as if your sleep had never been interrupted – even though you were up every two hours!   The quantity of product needed is so much smaller than you’d expect, which makes this an invaluable, long-lasting bathroom staple.

For those oh-so-frequent moments when I feel really tired and in dire need of a quick, fresh booster, I treat myself to a few pumps of Kari Gran’s Hydrating Tonic.  I love this toner because, unlike others, it doesn’t dry the skin and can be used in multiple ways: as an instant pick-me-up (your choice between rose and lavender, and the smell is heavenly!), to settle mineral make up, or with Kari Gran’s serum to create a custom-made moisturizer.   No alcohol, only soothing ingredients.   Three pumps is plenty – the bottle will last a long time!

Finally, as a special treat (maybe when the baby is napping), try a once-a-week intensive skin booster using Orgaid’s Anti-Aging Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask. It contains vitamin B3 to reduce skin aging, soothing aloe vera and witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid for intense hydration.  These masks couldn’t be more perfect for time-strapped mums: clean your face, unfold, apply, relax – and simply be amazed by how moisture-soaked the skin will feel. What I really love about these masks is that they’re not hardening and stretching the skin, like almost all other masks do that consist of a paste that’s applied to the face.  This sheet feels incredibly soft and comfortable through the very end of the recommended 20-30 minutes.  It also comes off easily, no rubbing, washing off or cleaning needed, which means there are no nasty product traces left on washcloths or in the sink.  What’s left on the face can be spread onto the neck and cleavage for an extra treat.  Overall, there’s no bit of precious product wasted as the mask ensures that nothing evaporates and that ingredients can effectively be delivered deeper into the skin.   Just make sure your little one doesn’t spot you with the mask on – they do look a little scary!

Photo Credit: Ryan Franco

By: Andrea Leber

Andrea is a travel & wellness journalist and yoga guide publisher with 15+ years experience in the publishing industry. Having lived in 6 countries on 3 continents, she currently enjoys life in Australia and soaks up inspiring ideas in India. On her website you’ll find stories that inspire and empower you to live, not just exist.  Follow Andrea on Google+, send her a Tweet @AndreaLeber or download your free 50+ page ‘Best of Yoga’ guide to Melbourne here: 

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