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Green Tea Plus Coffee Bean Eye Balm


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Brand: Solavedi Organics


  Chick Tip - This sweet smelling balm is soothing to sensitive skin around the eyes.  Apply before going to bed and awake refreshed, like you actually slept a full 8 hours!  

*Winner of the YOGA JOURNAL 2016 Natural Beauty Award!*

This finely milled eye balm made with Matcha Green Tea and Organic oils is just what you need to soothe tired eyes, reducing dark circles and puffiness.  The active ingredients Tea and Marigold  are topical diuretics and reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Experience instant smoothing and brightening with concentrates of pure and precious ingredients that work to banish dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. 

“I love Solavedi Green Leaves and Coffee Bean Eye Balm so much because it 1) is organic and full of ingredients that you can trust 2) is economical - I put a little on my finger for both my eyes, and then I dip again for my lips! It is semi-solid, so it is lasting me forever; 3) smells so wonderful! and 4) lasts all night with an application, and then I reapply when I get out of the shower in the am - I feel wonderful when I have it on - and it is not so oily that I can't do make up in the morning." - Marcy

Twice daily, use tip of ring finger to dot a small amount of balm to delicate skin under eyes and smooth gently. Do not tug on skin.

Ingredients: Finely milled matcha green tea, organic white tea extract, msm, organic bayberry wax, organic olive oil, jojoba oil, raw coconut oil, beeswax, vit e, organic apple pectin, organic green coffee beans, organic cinnamon leaf, pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, marigold extract.

  • Soy and Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free Ingredients
  • Supports small farms
  • Local to The Choosy Chick!
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