WYLD is a Canadian brand born out of a desire for truly natural, high quality skincare essentials that are beautifully packaged, sustainable, and don't cost a fortune.  WYLD stands for What You Love Doing. Well known for their gorgeous, eco-friendly, biodegradable konjac sponges, all products are 100% natural, vegan and plant-based. The konjac sponge is made from konjac root, a vitamin-rich plant grown in the foothills and mountains of Asia.  The konjac has been a treasured source of health and vitality for centuries because of its medicinal properties. WYLD then bakes vitamins and minerals into the sponge fibers so that you can get a face-full of healthy nutrients with every use.  Konjac roots easily absorb water to form the perfect sponge texture for gentle exfoliation.  Upon contact with water, it expands into a unique bouncy, jelly texture that makes cleansing a fun, unique experience!  Skin is left baby soft.

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WYLD scours the globe for the highest quality ingredients inspired by the founders’ Asia-Pacific heritage. WYLD donates a percentage of each sale to conservation group Sea Shepherd.  All products are packaged thoughtfully and never includes single use plastics or styrofoam.  They do not believe in producing single use disposable products.  WYLD is ever mindful of what they put out in the world and products are always cruelty-free.