Solavedi Organics

Solavedi Organics

Founder Carollanne Crichton has been a massage therapist, ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor since 1989. Her belief in the power of nature to promote good health motivated her search for the highest quality creams and oils for use in her practice. Her research into the formulations of commercially produced skincare products found them to contain excessive amounts of toxic preservatives and irritating fragrances, harmful not only to her clients but to herself as practitioner.

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As a result, Carol made the decision to create her own line of herbal skincare and massage medicinals without using ANY toxic chemical preservatives, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes. That decision has become the mainstay of her practice and the basis for her belief that great food for the skin and soul needs no toxic preservatives or synthetic additives.

All of her products are artfully made on-site at Solavedi Organics. Carollanne’s triple infused herbal oils are her specialty. They contain the full spectrum of oil-based compounds and are considered to be very gentle to the face. 

Solavedi Organics Skincare is a full-service formulary where they offer massage and skin rejuvenation treatments. They are local to The Choosy Chick, and we are proud to have their fine products on our shelf.




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Hand Creams

Solavedi Organics

Solavedi Organics luxurious hand creams are crafted with the finest natural ingredients including their noteworthy hand prepared triple-infused oils. Choose from the following: Rose Mandarin  Lavender Citrus Bliss: Jasmine with a... Learn More
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Honey Blossom Daily Facial Wash

Solavedi Organics

For all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone Solavedi's mild facial wash is made with natural and organic ingredients.  Honey with its antibacterial properties is a super humectant, maintaining... Learn More
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Raw Green Rescue Cream

Solavedi Organics

We know we need to eat our greens, but what if you could draw upon the nutritional powerhouse of wild greens for healthy, clear skin?   Solavedi Organics' Raw Green Rescue... Learn More
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Calendula Turmeric Day Cream with EPF

Solavedi Organics

This beautiful garden-inspired natural skin cream was created to heal, hydrate, and comfort irritated skin.  Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and combination.  Calendula, rose water, turmeric and carrot provide... Learn More
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Into the Light Day Cream with EPF

Solavedi Organics

This lightweight, non-greasy day cream suitable for oily/acne prone skin, is made with the best natural and organic ingredients is packed with vital antioxidants and nutrients to promote blemish free... Learn More


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