Max Green Alchemy

Max Green Alchemy

In 2004, Max Green noted that with the increasing demand for ethical personal care products and the fast-growing market for “Green” and “Organic”, consumers had been hoodwinked into thinking there had to be a trade-off – choosing an environmentally clean product meant it was going to be less effective and sensual. But they knew that the right natural ingredients, correctly researched and blended, could produce solutions that really worked and were fun, too – and Max Green Alchemy was founded!

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Max Green products have been recognized as the finest available by a wide range of associations including Elle Magazine (Green Stars Best Conditioner 2009) and PETA (Proggy Award for Best Cruelty-Free Personal Care Product 2008). Max Green products are fast becoming favorites in hair salons.



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Scalp Rescue Shampoo

Max Green Alchemy

This award-winning shampoo is designed for all hair types - using a superior blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils that create beautiful strong, lustrous hair and healthy scalps while... Learn More
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Scalp Rescue Conditioner

Max Green Alchemy

The perfect complement to Scalp Rescue Shampoo - this conditioner is formulated for improving dry, itchy, sensitive, scaly, flaky or dehydrated scalps by strengthening the hair and nourishing the scalp.... Learn More


SuperSlick Shave Gel

Max Green Alchemy

Ladies AND gents - we've been looking for a shaving product for a LONG time.  Prepare to steal it from each other in the shower, because it's not just for... Learn More


Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel

Max Green Alchemy

Scalp Rescue™ Sculpting Gel is perfect for those extreme styles that need hard hold!  This non-greasy, flake free formula is just the thing for creating hairstyles that "need to be... Learn More


Scalp Rescue Styling Gel

Max Green Alchemy

A Max Green best-seller!  Max Green Scalp Rescue™ Styling Gel provides soft, flexible hold for all hair types and tames flyaways and frizz.  This plant-derived styling product gives you flake-free... Learn More
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