Neutral Collection Hair Ties



Indie Girl Hair Ties are a fashionable alternative to traditional ponytail holders, that are comfortable to wear and will not kink or damage hair.   Available in a gorgeous array of colors and styles, they are the perfect little hair accessory that can be worn individually or layered to create your own unique look!  Perfect as a bracelet, too!

This neutral color palette is the "Little Black Dress" of hair ties. Whether dressing up or down, every wardrobe has a place for such a timeless staple item. This collection is defined by an array of subtle colors such as black, gray, brown, tan and cream to match outfits or hair color.

Each pack comes with 3 hair ties. 

How To Use

<p>Wrap hair as desired and secure with hair tie.</p>
<p>Layer or wear individually!</p>

Noteworthy Certifications

<li>Hand-measured, hand-cut and hand-knotted</li>
<li>Developed and made in the USA</li>