The philosophy and inspiration behind EVOLVh products came from observing salon stylists and clients.  Recognizing that stylists and clients had increasingly been looking for products made from healthier ingredients, Boris Oak, founder of EVOLVh, had a mission. Boris set out to create products free from harmful ingredients, with amazing performance. He wanted to keep things simple by creating styling products that perform multiple functions, reducing the need to layer multiple products.

So what’s with the “h”?...

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H is for hair, and h is for healthy and high performance. EVOLVh’s mission is to help people look and feel great with healthy hair products that offer amazing performance. EVOLVh products are made using 90% or higher organic ingredient content. Their formulations contain unique blends of natural, active ingredients not found in other hair products, that produce visible results. Utilizing specialized amino acids and fatty acids, hair will be nourished and repaired. All products are sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free. They are also vegan, contain no animal products, and are not tested on animals.