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Dr. Sponge™ is a biodegradable skin cleansing sponge made from food-grade konjac fiber and healthy additives such as green tea and bamboo charcoal. This fair-trade and cruelty-free skincare tool delivers gentle yet effective daily cleansing for all skin types. Originally created for babies and children, these sustainable sponges are one of the most powerful solutions when it comes to complete care of your skin.

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They are great at clearing pores, removing light makeup, dirt, oil, and even blackheads, and they leave your skin refreshed and revitalized after each use. Continued usage leads to gradual improvement of the skin’s overall condition. Made with over 90% pure plant fiber, these earth-friendly sponges help to tone and maintain a healthy skin balance because konjac is naturally and mildly alkaline. Dr. Sponge™ is manufactured in an ISO certified facility that incorporates clean energy. Sponges are handmade, crafted in small batches using premium ingredients. Sustainable sourcing is practiced by working with local farmers. These awesome sponges are suitable for the whole family. The guys at the Choosy Chick rave about these!