World Traveler Collection Hair Ties



Indie Girl Hair Ties are a fashionable alternative to traditional ponytail holders, that are comfortable to wear and will not damage hair.  They can be worn individually or layered to create a unique look.  Perfect as a bracelet, too! Each pack comes with 3 color-coordinated hair ties.

The World Traveler collection is sophisticated, fun and takes a tour of color inspired by the world around us and all things vintage.  Easy to work into the wardrobe with a bit of spice and personality.

    • South of the Border - Shades of peach, pink, gold, green
    • Mediterranean Sea - Shades of blue, gray; white and soft green
    • Paris - Shades of lavender, mauve, gray, and cream
    How To Use

    <p>Wrap hair as desired and secure with hair tie.</p>
    <p>Layer or wear individually!</p>

    Noteworthy Certifications

    <li>Hand-measured, hand-cut and hand-knotted</li>
    <li>Developed and made in the USA</li>
    <li>Fray resistant</li>
    <li>Beautiful as a bracelet, too!</li>