INIKA Micellar Cleansing Rosewater

Micellar water has been a buzz word the last few years in the skincare community. For a long time, I avoided micellar water because I honestly had no idea what it was. When the Choosy Chick began stocking the Inika Organic Micellar Cleansing Rosewater, I finally decided to educate myself on micellar water. Then proceeded to buy it. Then buy it again.

PICTURE THIS: micelles are tiny balls of cleansing oils suspended in water.  The formula is simple, but sophisticated.  These micelles attract dirt and oil. You need to suspend the liquid on an absorbent material like cotton pads.  The cotton pads saturated in micellar water absorb all the grime and makeup, leaving clean and hydrated skin behind.  Micelles are gentle enough for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.  Tough enough to remove most makeup. Although, if you’re wearing waterproof mascara and heavy foundation, you’ll probably want to double cleanse.

Micellar water is not a new trend.  In fact, it dates back to French skincare predating running water.  It allows you to cleanse your skin and remove makeup and dirt without rinsing off.  This makes it the perfect travel companion.  You could even take this camping and use it to replace your entire routine.  After wiping down your face, you’re left with soft clean skin.  It doesn’t feel dry or tight.  For a minimalist you could stop here, but of course, I love my serums and balms.  Keep in mind this is not a toner per se.  Many toners contain alcohol or other harsh ingredients, but micellar water is alcohol free and extremely gentle.


  1. Makeup Wipe: I have oily skin and use the micellar water like a makeup wipe.  It’s more effective than a wipe and doesn’t leave any residue. Saturate a cotton round and gently rest it on your (closed) eyes to break up and soften eye makeup for 10 seconds, then wipe.  After removing makeup, I follow with a milky cleanser (DN-UNIK makes a cleansing milk)

  2. Morning Cleanse: In the morning I will cleanse only with the Inika Micellar Water on a cotton round.  Followed by my toner, serum, moisturizer.

  3. One and Done: On nights that I just can’t stay awake long enough for a full routine I will give my face a good wipe down with the Inika micellar water and call it a night.  Making sure to cleanse more thoroughly in the morning. #momlife

INIKA Micellar Cleansing Rosewater

The Inika Organic Micellar Cleansing Rosewater is vegan and cruelty free.  Most of the conventional micellar water brands animal test, which is another reason I avoided brands like Bioderma and Garnier.  The Inika formula is organic and pure, a company I truly trust.  Have you tried their makeup?  It’s fabulous and performs like anything you’d find in a conventional beauty brand at Sephora. Inika is an Australian brand that I see up and coming in the USA now that retailers like the Choosy Chick are stocking it.

Written by: Erika Summers

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Thanks for reading my post and I hope you’ll give Inika a whoorl!


— Erika Summers