A LOT of skin care products come across our desk.  As you know, we are very methodical in selecting new brands for The Choosy Chick.  We test, we inspect, research and we test again.  Our high standard for quality, safe ingredients keeps us very busy when making new product selections.  When Prim (featured in ALLURE, VOGUE and REFINERY 29) arrived we were instantly drawn to the packaging - not only does it evoke a feeling of beauty sure to brighten any vanity, but it's sustainable too!  We applaud brands that are brave to use glass and other earth-friendly materials.  We were also intrigued by some new-to-us ingredients: Black Cumin Seed Oil and lush oils from the Amazon including Andiroba and Pracaxi. 

Prim was created by actress/producer Stefanie Walmsley,  born and raised in the Philippines.  Her busy, stressful lifestyle behind and in front of the camera began to wreak havoc on her skin.  She went from having a fairly normal, clear complexion to simply wanting to hide.   After many failed attempts at treating her skin with mainstream "scientific" products, she began formulating her own line.  She was inspired to go back to her roots, where powerful ingredients like moringa, virgin coconut oil, aloe and tamanu were everywhere - organic, fresh and abundant.   She studied green beauty science at The School for Aromatic Studies (IDA) and spent two years with an aesthetician to create their very first product, The Face Oil. 

Wake up to prettier skin.  The Face Oil was the first product we tried.  After using this for just a couple of days, we knew we had to make room for Prim at The Choosy Chick.  A tiny bit in the morning after cleansing and at night, left us with soft, glowing skin that just looked and felt so clear and HAPPY - must be the Black Cumin Seed Oil which offers up some pretty mighty anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties.  It's a product that can tackle BOTH wrinkles AND acne, soothe sensitivities and restore radiance.  Rich in omega fatty acids, The Face Oil’s incredibly soothing, potent blend of precious organic oils including cold pressed sea buckthorn, black cumin seed, wild moringa from the Philippines, Polynesian tamanu and African marula combine to reduce inflammation, signs of aging and help prevent both blemishes and congestion, all while leaving you with a gorgeous,healthy, hydrated glow.  Boost your Face Oil even further, by combining it with one of the concentrates:  Prim Potions. 

The Hair Oil.  Rightfully named, because we truly have never experienced anything quite like it before.  The scent - absolutely heavenly.  Not your typical lavender or rose here.  This delightful, tropical, floral - fresh scent lingers in your hair and just makes you feel GOOD!  Not only does it smell amazing, but the tiniest amount will seal your split ends and leave behind soft, shiny, touchable hair like no other hair oil.  A gorgeous medley of organic ingredients including Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines, Camellia, Moringa, Marula, and Black Seed (known to stimulate hair growth) breathe life into dull locks.  THE HOLY GRAIL OF HAIR OILS.


Equally as intoxicating are The Body Oil, Potions, Debauchery Detox Scrub and the Lip Sheens - and there's even a gorgeous peach shade!  Every product harnesses the exotic, lush beauty of the tropics which is evident from the packaging to what results: healthy, happy skin. We look forward to bringing on more from this line - including the perfume!

Prim Botanicals Mini Hair Oil

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