Tips for Natural Deodorant

All right, let’s address the stinky elephant in the room: natural deodorant. Usually people associate it with being smelly, sweaty and overall just not working. This is SO not the case! So today I’m going to debunk that myth and give you 8 tips for making the switch, why it’s important and what to expect!

The Problem with Conventional Deodorants

Most conventional deodorants contain an array of ingredients that aren’t doing your body any favors.  Mainly, aluminum.  Aluminum is the ingredient that stops the sweating, which sounds nice, but the aluminum actually blocks your pores and traps toxins in your body!  This is problematic because our bodies are designed to sweat, it’s how we get rid of all the junk in our bodies!  And guess where all those toxins go when they can’t get out?  The closest area to your armpits...your lymph nodes and breast tissue! In addition, aluminum is classified as a neurotoxin and also has an estrogenic effect on our bodies.

Let’s not forget the other ingredients that are common in conventional deodorants such as parabens, synthetic fragrance and mineral oil.

And think about if you shave your armpits and then apply deodorant - all of these ingredients are seeping into those small open cuts!

Typical Stages of Armpit Detox

So hopefully I didn’t scare you too much so far!  But now let’s talk about what people usually experience as they switch to natural deodorant.  Yes, there is a detox period. Your body has to adjust and get rid of everything that has been trapped from conventional deodorant.  A lot of people give up because they think that natural deodorant isn’t working.  Trust me, if you can make it through 2-4 weeks of detox then it is all SO worth it! I promise.

Week 1: Usually no problems at all. Yay!
Week 2: You’ll likely start to experience some smell (your body is starting to detox!)
Week 3: You might be sweating more than normal (still detoxing!)
Week 4: Detox should be complete - no more odor or excessive sweating!

Again, this might look different for everyone.  Some people experience no problems at all, while others might take a little longer to detox.  It all depends on your body! It’s also pretty common for some people to experience irritation or rashes, which we’ll address below.

8 Tips for Easing the Detox Period

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do while detoxing to lessen the symptoms:

  1. You are what you eat. If you’re eating things like processed foods, lots of sugar, or greasy fast food, that’s only going to make the stink worse! Other foods like alcohol, garlic, and onions also exacerbate the smells and make them worse (the sulfuric acid in these mix with the fatty acids in your glands...hence, B.O.!). Essentially, body odor is a sign of an imbalance. Try to eat clean, natural, organic foods while detoxing.
  2. Sweat it out. Move your body, go to the gym, do some’ll help keep things flowing and sweat the toxins out of your body.
  3. Drink lots of water! 💦
  4. If you get a rash, nix the baking soda. While baking soda is totally natural, many people (especially those with sensitive skin) experience irritation when they use natural deodorants that contain baking soda.  This might present itself as a itching and/or a rash. This all has to do with the pH of your skin and how it reacts with the baking soda. Thankfully you can buy some BS-free deodorants here at The Choosy Chick.
  5. Do an armpit mask or detox spray. It sounds crazy, but it helps! Just go on Pinterest and you’ll find dozens of DIY recipes for clay masks or sprays you can make at home. The masks will help draw out impurities. And I like using sprays with apple cider vinegar for a little probiotic boost, to help balance pH, and give your pits some beneficial bacteria. Or, use a soap on your armpits that contains activated charcoal, which absorbs up to 1,000x its weight and binds to odors! I suggest the Black Lava or Granite Sea Salt by Salt & Stone Soap Co. (which you can buy here from The Choosy Chick!)
  6. Go deodorant-free at night. There’s no reason to wear deodorant while you sleep! Think of it as a chance to let things breathe and balance themselves out.
  7. Wait a bit before applying deodorant after you shave. Shaving your armpits might cause irritation or small cuts. I like to shave at night, then let my armpits breathe overnight, and apply my deodorant in the morning.
  8. Switch between two deodorants. This isn’t the most practical or budget-friendly, but it might help to have two different deodorants that you switch between. Often times people use a natural deodorant and find that it becomes less effective over time. This keeps your body guessing and less likely to get irritation!

Natural Deodorants from The Choosy Chick:

The Choosy Chick carries a bunch of natural deodorants, even some baking soda- free options. You can view them all here.

Baking Soda Free:

Original with Baking Soda:

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you make the switch to natural deodorant! It’s seriously so so so important for your health. You got this, and don’t give up!



Written by: Organically Becca

Organically BeccaBecca is a blogger, podcaster, wife, and dog mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s on a mission to get the word out about chemicals found in our everyday items like makeup, food, and personal care products. She provides education on ways you can live a more holistic life and easy swaps you can make in your routine to naturally safer products. Check out Becca’s blog and catch her on Instagram @organicallybecca.

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Hi! I’ve tried a few different types and Bergamot & lime from Schmidt’s is my favorite. The only problem is that it stains my clothes e.g. wool, white t-shirts get yellow stains and my black trousers get white stains. If you have any solutions I would love to hear about them! Thanks in advance!

— Ingrid