Have you tried Gua Sha yet?  You've heard us talk about this, and you've probably seen it all over Instagram, but are you unsure where to begin?  When performed correctly, Gua Sha helps to relieve built up tension in the face, stimulate circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage which helps to eliminate excess fluid retention.  You can Gua Sha several times a week, and remember to use a light touch especially in sensitive areas around the eyes.  Gua Sha helps to release the daily build-up of tension in the face often held in the forehead, between the brows and the jaw to encourage vitality and get you glowing! 


 We teamed with Lisa at This Organic Girl to bring you some Do's and Don'ts of this traditional massage technique.  Watch her video, and read the full synopsis below!


"Ever since getting a Gua Sha facial at @modernholistic in Atlanta - I've been OBSESSED. If you know how to use it right, Gua Sha can give you instant results. INSTANT. Thanks to Modern Holistic for help putting this guide together!"




1. Do apply facial serum/oil to the skin to be hydrated and give you slip. (Here I am using @lunanectar 's HELIOPHILIA available @thechoosychick).

2. Always start on the neck in upward motions. This opens the lymph nodes in the neck to allow for drainage.

3. Start towards the inside of the face, gliding outwards in one long motion, contouring bone structure. 

4. Always hold the gua sha tool at a 45° angle, always keeping the stone in contact with the skin. 

5. Always pull, never push.

6. Forehead: Glide tool from eyebrows to base of hairline. 

7. Always glide outwards.



1. Hold the stone at a 90° angle.

2. Push the skin instead of pull it. 

3. Not apply enough oil/serum to the skin. Skin needs slip.

4. Press too hard. 

5. Use downward motions. 

6. Not open the neck area first.


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