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I’ve always been scared of eyebrows. It’s not that I don’t like applying makeup, or that I’m not keen on discovering different styles and products (I even figured out which shade my perfect red lipstick should be and how to effortlessly pull it off).   No, it’s not that.

There just always seems to be something going on with eyebrows.   Too broad, too bushy, too close together, too thin, patchy, uneven – and so much can go wrong when trying to make them right!  We’ve all crossed paths with people in the street whose faces were marked by two black bars above their eyes.   Or the eyebrows that have been over-plucked, up to the point of invisibility!

Out of necessity, my approach to eyebrow makeup has been largely an attempt to simply ignore it.

Reading about Lily Lolo’s Natural Eyebrow Duo, which includes a wax that keeps brows in check, as well as color that can be applied in light brushstrokes, I decided to give it one last – reluctant – try.   Surely a two-step-product must be difficult and time-consuming to use?

Well, I was proven wrong. I watched Lily Lolo’s two-minute tutorial (see below) and then did my brows in one go, without much need for correction or practice.


Before and After Using Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo



Products Used:  Lily Lolo Natural Eyebrow Duo in Light and Lily Lolo Angled Spoolie Brow Brush

 Step 1:  Using the Angled Brow Spoolie Brush, tap the angled, firm bristled brush end into the wax to define your brows the way you want them.  Brush upwards closer to the middle, and sideways when going outwards towards the ears.  Now your brows are permanently fixed in place and ready for some color! (Please note that Lily Lolo’s tutorial shows it the other way around, but I have found that applying the wax first works better with my brows).

 Step 2:  Use the same angled side of the brush and gently tap into the pressed colored powder (take care not to use too much, a little tap goes a long way). Then enhance the arch of your brow by applying color to its upper edge.  Finish up by striking outwards, defining the tail end. Use the pressed powder to fill in any gaps – they’ll become invisible instantly!  Then brush upwards into the thick end of the brows, closer to the nose.   Repeat on the other side, ensuring that both brows are mirroring each other.

Step 3:  To finish up, use the Spoolie end of the brush for combing through your brows. They will look immaculate, even if – like me – you have not used brow products in the past.

Getting the Shade Right:  There are three shades available but it’s best not to go too dark. I have brown hair and brown eyes and went for the lightest shade, which turned out to be perfect.

I love the practicality of the product: If you know you’re out for the entire day and night, just pop the small mirrored compact into your bag, and you’re all set! The product only weighs 2g, but lasts a long time.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was how properly doing my eyebrows affected how much – and what kind of – other makeup I use.  My brows are now a highlight by themselves, and instead of using eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick I simply complement my makeup with  Lily Lolo’s Naked Pink Cheek Duo instead to add some color and highlight to my cheeks. 


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Lily Lolo's How-to video on creating the perfect brows:



By: Andrea Leber

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