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Yogis are a health-conscious bunch of people. They get up early, eat all the right things and make sure they get enough sleep and vitamins. I do a lot of yoga and I see them in class all the time. There’s one thing though that always makes me wonder:  Why not include personal care products in this super-healthy approach to life?


The first two products that belong in a yogi’s bag are a good deodorant and dry shampoo. We all live busy lives and many of us simply head off to meet friends, have drinks – or a date! The smell of sweat or greasy hair is just not on. 
Now, many of the “conventional” deodorants are highly toxic. So here you are, stretching and bending, doing all you can to stay healthy, but end up applying something that’s not really healthy to a place as intimate as your armpit. Antiperspirants and deodorants can be packed with chemicals, and your skin can readily absorb them. But that’s not the end of the story. Many deodorant sprays cannot be recycled - the bottles are under pressure and highly flammable. So you’re not only harming yourself, but also the planet.

Now here’s a way forward: Deodorant paste. True, I had doubts. Is it going to be effective? Do I really need to use my fingers to apply it? Under my arms – really? Truth is: It’s at least as effective as any other deodorant you may have used in the past. I find it works even better than most because it doesn’t leave a “wet film” under my armpit after application (which in turn tends to wet my shirt or cardigan and ends up looking like a sweat stain). And yes, you do get over the fact that it’s applied by hand.  Think of it like applying a lotion to your skin – something you do every day without blinking. It’s also incredibly easy to reapply after class. My two favourite brands are Schmidt’s (they have a nice range of scents – or just fragrance free) and Rustic Maka Pachy Deodorant, which actually comes on a stick, if you really need time to get used to the “hands-on approach”.

Aussie Yogi- Andrea Leber


Now before you head off to that date after class, consider this: Dry shampoo! I have not been a fan simply because I resented the idea of sprinkling powder into my hair. But believe me - try it once and you’ll never look back. The skinnyskinny Grapefruit & Cardamom Organic Dry Shampoo is now a staple in my bag. Oh, and forget the sprays and products that give your hair volume – this product does it all! A few sprinkles along the hairline will not only eliminate any excess oil, nobody will ever know that you haven’t washed your hair for three days! It also adds an enormous amount of volume. It is tough to deal with the inevitable greasy hair afterwards and equally as hard to find products that work.

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 I am a yogi and yogi teacher who has spent countless hours in sweaty (and smelly!) yoga classes.  I've finally discovered that you can smell good and look like you’ve just come from the hairdresser without much effort or time investment.  It's hard to believe that all this is possible without any chemicals, synthetic ingredients or anything that’s tested on animals.
Another reason to feel good in your skin!

By: Andrea Yvonne Leber

Andrea is a travel & wellness journalist and yoga guide publisher with 15+ years experience in the publishing industry. Having lived in 6 countries on 3 continents, she currently enjoys life in Australia and soaks up inspiring ideas in mind-boggling India. On her website andrealeber.com you’ll find stories that inspire and empower you to live, not just exist. Because it’s all about finding out what you really want to do with this life. Follow Andrea on Google+, send her a Tweet @AndreaLeber or download your free 50+ page ‘Best of Yoga’ guide to Melbourne here: http://andrealeber.com/bestofyoga (Bali coming soon!)

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