If you have ever used Kimberly Sayer's natural and organic skincare products, you KNOW how effective they are and why we wanted to know more about her!  Our interview with Kimberly reveals her expertise in organic farming of plants and how they can be used to promote healthy skin. 


1.  How long have you been making products and what inspired you to create your own line?

 I have been making products really my whole life with my family, but have had a brand in the marketplace for 13 years. I launched at Henri Bendels on Fifth Avenue.

2. What did you learn about using natural plant ingredients from your childhood experiences? 

Growing up in a family of organic growers, I was fortunate to understand how nature works and its incredible health and healing benefits.  When I'm present in nature's environment, botanicals speak to me. I feel incredibly inspired experiencing the scents, growth of plants and their visual imagery. I find the English countryside and California to be the best places for inspiration. Nature provides everything we need for clean products, and nature's ingredients can give us the same results as chemicals for anti-aging, etc. It may take a bit longer, but  without side effects that can harm health or advance the aging process.  Also, the abuse of animals (animal testing) should not be tolerated and is completely unnecessary.


Kimberly Sayer's love of organic gardening fuels her passion today for natural and organic skincare.


3.  You have some very interesting, unique ingredients in your products.  Tell us more about some of the active ingredients and how they directly benefit the skin. 

There are several active ingredients in our brand, such as:

  •  Plant Pseudocollagen seeks out aged/damaged cells in particular and improves the appearance by restoring skin's former tone and suppleness. Found in Gentle Face Cleanser
  • Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline a botanical substance that remodels and moisturizes,  reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. The anti-wrinkle activity results in the reduction of  wrinkles in area, depth and amount. Found in Restore Anti-aging Cream
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, a vegetable alternative to surgery for a total anti-age effect!  It has been proven to have a double scientific performance to fight against all wrinkles.  It shows quick mechanical action by relaxing and smoothing facial expression and wrinkles (a "botox" like effect).  It shows long-term biological re-densifying action: helps fill all the wrinkles (dermal and epidermal action).  It stimulates fibroblast mobility, promotes extra cellular matrix components organization (collagen), and improves epidermis renewal (vital function & differentiation of keratinocytes).  Found in Hydrating Anti-oxidant Facial Mask
  • Methylsilanol mannuronate (natural silicone),  a silanol structure rich in hydroxyl groups, establishes hydrogen bonds with free and bonded water, creating a dynamic equilibrium in the epidermis.  It fights free radicals by working to reorganize the membrane lipids, improving the cell membranes’ resistance to free radical. (products coming soon!)
  • Atlantic Algae fights free radicals and inhibits the enzyme that triggers melanin production.  It will help remove dark marks, discoloration etc.. (products coming soon!)
4.   If you had to pick one, which product would be your personal favorite?

That is hard, but I do love the Eye Gel and use it at least 2xday. I always have a bottle in my bag esp when travelling, to hydrate and counteract puffiness and wrinkles.

 5.   How do you stay educated on the best organic and natural ingredients?

Health and organics have always been a passion for my family and me.  I love knowledge and am very inspired by new information and am constantly learning and growing.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by experts in the many aspects of the holistic and organic health and beauty industry. It's pretty wonderful to be able to have that in my life and I greatly appreciate the wisdom I gain from these amazing people.

6.  For fun:  What do you like to do in your spare time?  Favorite food?  Favorite TV show, Movie?

Spare time is a luxury lol, I love to travel and love to be around the people in my life which give me great joy. I live in NYC, so fortunate to be able to see great theatre, dance, music, etc.  Also spend time in UK and California in nature, and this is pure joy. 

7.  What other products from The Choosy Chick do you enjoy?

 Biggs and Featherbelle Lime and Sea Salt Body Scrub is lovely, although there are so many great products on your site!  Your site is lovely and I'm very appreciative to be a partner with you.

8.   What can we expect from Kimberly Sayer in the future?

More spa products particularly for professional use. If you don't mind, that is all I would like to say for now :)

And we don't mind, Kimberly - just keep the great products coming - we love them all!

Margot White