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Patricia Daragan
Farm hand hand cream

Best I’ve ever used. An unscented one would be a nice addition for those who have allergies to scents

Love This Hand Cream

I had been using another hand cream that I loved, but it was very expensive and I didn't think there was enough product in the container to justify the expense. My search for a new hand cream brought me to The Choosy Chick and Solavedi. I'm not a huge fan of scented hand creams, so I was delighted to see the Olive Hemp Unscented. I have a tube in the family room, another on my desk, and a third on my nightstand. It's nicely moisturizing and truly has no discernible scent. Highly recommend!

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Joyful Lifestyle
My Favorite Hand Creams

I've been testing a lot of green hand creams over the past few years, and Solavedi remains my favorite. First, they are affordable; come in a beautiful, practical tube (versus a jar); and are long-lasting. Second, they are skin absorbent and highly moisturizing - my hands feel supple for quite awhile between applications. Finally, they smell fantastic without being overpowering. I've tried four of the five available options, and here is a breakdown:

Almond+Apricot: my favorite! It has a rich, creamy texture and sweet, yummy fragrance making it especially suited to the cooler months.
Daffodil+Fern: my second favorite! While still very moisturizing, it has a lighter texture than the Almond+Apricot and a fresh, herbal scent reminiscent of grassy meadows on a sunny day. Ideal for warmer months.
Olive Hemp Unscented: this is an excellent option for fragrance sensitive individuals; it moisturizes deeply but does have a bit of an oily residue if you use too much at a time. Use sparingly.
Lavender+Citrus: while this has a nice, bright fragrance (a bit more citrus than lavender), I did not like the texture or performance as much as the others.

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