Grease Monkey Scrubbing Soap


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Brand: Graham Gardens


 Chick Tip - How can you resist the name and packaging of this soap?  Makes an AWESOME gift for Dads!

Got a grease monkey in your house?  This soap can handle tough jobs and tackle grease, sap or glue.  Cornmeal is added to Graham Gardens' recipe to help clean up grubby hands after tough chores and rough play.

3.25 oz

Wet hands and use bar to scrub up and remove grime.

*Contains nut oils

Saponified oils: (Coconut, Olive, Palm and Sweet Almond), Botanicals (Cornmeal and Paprika) Pure Essential Oils (Litsea Cubeba, Peppermint and Sweet Orange) Water and Sodium Hydroxide

  • Time-honored, cold process soap-making method
  • Natural, purposeful ingredients
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