Cleansing Grains Exfoliant/Mask


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Brand: Solavedi Organics


 Chick Tip: We love the way this product dispenses out of the sifter cap - to allow just the right amount of product for application and without contamination concerns.  Some customers use ROKK + Green to detox underarms.

The purest and most precious mineral rich, glacial earth clays from Iceland and Alaska are blended with top quality super foods, herbs, flowers and botanicals for a revitalizing skincare experience!  Choose from two water-activated cleansing grains, based on skin needs.  May be used to exfoliate and cleanse the skin twice a week, or as a mask once or twice a week.  The convenient sifter top allows just the right amount of product for each application.

ROKK + BLOM - REPLENISHING EXFOLIATION / MASK a fragrant rebuilding formula for dry skin or skin that needs nourishment  is made up of traditional Ayurvedic herbs, flowers, clays and even goat's milk and honey. The calming French clays and flora soothe and lift tired skin through their rebuilding properties. Lovely floral aroma lingers a bit after use.  KEY INGREDIENTS -  French White Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Sandalwood and Goat's Milk Powder

ROKK + GREEN DETOXIFICATION EXFOLIATION / MASK  for detox and acne prone skin types to "reduce" accumulations or buildup. Contains phyto nutrients to support microcirculation in the skin cells, along with balanced astringent and antioxidant potencies. Icelandic Glacial Clay, Neem Leaf, and Garbanzo Flour.  This can also be used as an underarm detox.



4 fl. oz/120ml

► As an exfoliator: Twice a week, in the morning -  mix 1tsp of  cleansing grains with 1tsp liquid of choice: water, toner, or HONEY BLOSSOM cleanser. Blend to a batter-like consistency. Gently massage the clay cleansing grains into face using circular strokes, covering forehead, neck, nose and cheekbones. Wait a few seconds, then rinse off and dab  face dry with a towel.
► For weekly use as a mask: In a small bowl  mix 2 tsp  cleansing grains with 2 tsp of either Facial Oil (for more softening) or Toner (for hydrating more deeply than water alone). Blend to a batter-like consistency. Apply to face and allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, pat dry.

► For therapeutic bath: Add 3 TBSP  cleansing grains to tub. Soak 12-20 minutes.

 SHELF LIFE: INDEFINITE since no water has been added

ROKK + BLOM : french white clay, moroccan rhassoul clay, jojoba esters, sandalwood powder, shredded coconut, zinc oxide, goats milk powder, organic red and pink rose petals, honey powder,  apricot kernel powder, msm, vanilla bean powder

ROKK + GREEN : icelandic glacial clay, bentonite clay, rice flour, pea fiber, tapioca, xanthum gum, garbanzo flour, neem leaf, tulsi leaf (holy basil), shredded coconut, jojoba esters, sodium bicarbonate, vitamin c esters, lemon peel, lemongrass, parsley, maine fir needles

ROKK + FRUUT : icelandic glacial clay, fuller earth clay, powdered fruit blend (amalaki, strawberry, cherry, red raspberry, acerola rose hip, pomegranate, cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, papaya, plum, apple pectin, peach, pear, red currant, blood orange pulp), grape seed powder, milk thistle, astaxanthin, bilberry, stevia leaf, larch tree bark, broccoli, kale, spinach, jojoba esters, shredded coconut, apricot kernel powder, msm, kojic acid