H IS FOR LOVE luxury organic skincare was created by cosmetologist, Bee Simonds.  The philosophy behind the brand is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts.  Each ingredient used in H IS FOR LOVE products is pure, and every product is made by hand to optimize quality and efficacy.  Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed.  Products are not only incredibly nourishing to skin, but they are a true decadent experience for the senses. 

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What does the "H" stand for? Comprised of three lines and perfectly balanced, H is a reference to the divine as it appears number 3. From planetary alignment to DNA and even design theory, ‘3’ is a special part of nature’s voice. Bee has had a thing for the letter H her whole life for this reason. ‘H IS FOR LOVE’ states the obvious when considered through the perspective of the divine lens.

A bit from the founder: Bee

"Aging gracefully is not about fighting signs of aging, but honoring our bodies with what we eat, avoiding toxins wherever possible, and giving our skin the supplemental nourishment that only unrefined, organic, luxuriously natural skincare can provide. Stirred to contribute something redeeming to the world of beauty upon finding myself in an industry which tends to promote denial, an age rife with false promises and toxicity, I put my career in cosmetology on the back burner and chose to focus on something that could promote purity; a clean option which would work with a person’s chemistry rather than covering it up or stripping it down. Instead of promoting a negative outlook on aging and creating services and product lines that aim at little more than idolizing the fleeting ‘perfection’ of youth, I have drawn wisdom and inspiration from cultures throughout history who have looked to nature for health and wellness, healing, nourishment and prosperity and have discovered that nature is enough."



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Palmarosa Lip Conditioner

H is for Love

H IS FOR LOVE  long lasting, no-tint Palmarosa Lip Conditioner is formulated to draw and hold moisture.  Its benefits can be felt long after application.  Macadamia nut oil is easily absorbed... Learn More



H is for Love

Absolutely decadent! H IS FOR LOVE BARA BALM is luxurious facial emollient formulated to take moisturizing to another level!  Each ingredient of this creation has been chosen to absorb quickly... Learn More
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Lip Glacé - Root & Berry

H is for Love

Lip Glacé by H IS FOR LOVE  is a gorgeous, universally flattering rose-colored gloss. Its tint is derived from berries, roots and flowers and is completely void of mica, iron oxides,... Learn More


POLLEN Illuminating Mist

H is for Love

H IS FOR LOVE's POLLEN Illuminating Mist contains rose hydrosol that helps to even skin tone and organically grown, fractionally distilled aloe to isolate only the most beneficial components of  Aloe... Learn More


PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask

H is for Love

H IS FOR LOVE PROPOLIS Face Mask is full of rare and precious ingredients that stimulate cell renewal and rid impurities, leaving skin smooth and radiant. PROPOLIS is made with Camu... Learn More


NECTAR Nourishing Face Oil

H is for Love

H IS FOR LOVE'S NECTAR Nourishing Face Oil is a symbiotic blend of cold-pressed plant oils and steam distilled essential oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, cell-regenerative, astringent and brightening.   Daily... Learn More
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RAPHA Harmonizing Cleanser

H is for Love

H IS FOR LOVE Rapha Harmonizing Cleanser is made with herb infused nutrient-rich oils along with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and highly soothing essential oils. This cleanser is appropriate for all skin types,... Learn More


KINU Glowing Body Balm

H is for Love

The ultimate luxury for your body! H IS FOR LOVE KINU (Japanese for silk) gives your skin a warm and luxurious radiance, along with a touch of shimmer.  Loaded with... Learn More
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LIN Purifying Skin Scrub

H is for Love

The ultimate luxury for your body! H IS FOR LOVE LIN Purifying Body Scrub is not just any body scrub.  LIN  has a whipped, mousse-like texture that retains its shape while... Learn More