Farm to Girl

Farm to Girl

It wasn’t until her Ph.D. studies at Stanford that Dr. Kim Warren-Rhodes, now a Global Environmental Scientist, learned about the pervasiveness of man-made chemicals in our food and body care products and their negative impact on human health and the planet. After having her students analyze the synthetic chemical components of their favorite personal care products and finding harmful ingredients in each one, she devised her own “Toxic 10” list of chemicals to avoid.

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During her studies, Kim had traveled to places such as the Soloman Islands, Namibia and Micronesia where she met resourceful women farmers and entrepreneurs who formulated amazing hair and skin remedies from native plants. Inspired by the accomplishments of these women, and in conjunction with her own search for toxic-free products she realized that starting her own company was the natural solution.

In 2013 she launched Farm to Girl, a company of women scientists and nurses dedicated to empowering, uplifting and supporting women farmers, villagers, entrepreneurs and small sustainable farms both globally and locally. At Farm to Girl premium skin and baby care products are handcrafted from fresh, healthy and fairly traded ingredients made in villages with traditional processes free of synthetic and harmful chemicals — Fresh, Fair & Free! 20% of the profits are donated to women’s health and education in developing communities!



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Giggle Fest Sponge

Farm to Girl

Farmed sustainably in the sea in Micronesia, these are the softest, gentlest sponges you could ever imagine, making them perfect to use on newborns, toddlers and children. These sponges never... Learn More
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