Joëlle Klein, founder of DN-UNIK, stands at the crossroads of cosmetics, dietetics, aromatherapy
 and phytotherapy, and offers a rare in-depth expertise of 360° beauty. Studies in dietetics, herbal medicine and aromatherapy confirmed her choice of a holistic approach to beauty: an ethical lifestyle where respect for nature and for one’s own self are vital.

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Everything absorbed or even touched by the skin has the potential to go into our lymphatic system and into our blood stream. For this reason, Joëlle decided to select and combine natural ingredients that are particularly effective on the skin to help preserve the skin's firmness over a long period. Extracts which act directly on the skin’s stem cells, vitamins, oligo elements, and carefully chosen oils which help delay ageing, are all cleverly blended with the moisturizing and regenerating effects of hyaluronic acid, along with a mixture of plants and algae. Thus is born the elixir of contemporary beauties, synthesizing state-of-the-art research and ancestral know-how, in an exclusive range of organic products. Joëlle Klein invests her savoir-faire (know-how) fully in the DN-UNIK brand which is now available in the United States for YOU!

BRAND’S PHILOSOPHY  - Valuing a cosmetology in harmony with its environment and the progress in cell renewal, DN-UNIK represents the organic solution for
 youthful skin. DN-UNIK conveys the advances in cosmetology to an audience anxious to preserve the youthful beauty of their skin and  their planet.  Ever mindful of the environment, plants and algae are harvested in a rational way from organic farming. No ingredient considered potentially risky is used, nor are synthetic fragrance and coloring. No animal testing is ever performed. DN-UNIK products are certified by Ecocert and Cosmébio.



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Facial Toner with Rosehip

Facial Toner with Rosehip


This facial toner from France is formulated with Rosehip Extract and Sweet Orange, Lavender, and Rosemary Essential Oils. This toner acts as an astringent and a moisturizer. Deep clean pores... Learn More