While Supplies Last! This event starts tonight at midnight and ends on March 21st at midnight. You don't need a code to qualify, just reach the minimum amount required before shipping to receive the freebie.

 Lip Balms + Sheet Masks

Friday Only! All orders over $20* will receive a 28Litsea Vanilla Spice Petala Balm ($7 Value) - This creamy, long lasting, and incredibly moisturizing lip balm is made from only the finest ingredients including Babassu Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil.  

PLUS! We will also include a sheet mask on all orders over $35*! ORGAID Anti-Aging Moisturizing Sheet Mask ($6 Value) - The first U.S. made organic sheet mask developed for those looking for a safe and healthy skincare product that is convenient to use. 

FREEBIE Saturday
Lashes to the moon! 

Saturday Only! All orders over $30* will receive our best-selling fan favorite Lily Lolo Natural Mascara ($20 Value) -This vegan and gluten free mascara is easy to apply and will add volume and length to lashes to provide a dramatic effect.

Face Serums + Jade Rollers! 

Sunday Only! All orders over $30* will receive an Upcircle Beauty Face Serum ($20 Value - With a lovely scent of geranium, rose and lemon essential oils, this rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich coffee Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil will help fade dark spots and brighten your complexion.

Plus! Orders over $85* will also receive a GingerChi Jade Therapy Roller ($26 Value) - Jade Rollers have been used for centuries to refine and enhance skin elasticity, stimulating meridians points to promote facial Chi. The stone is believed to have mystical powers and considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity.

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*While supplies last. Offer ends March 21st at midnight. No Code needed, just reach the minimum amount required before shipping. Does not apply to any order placed before the start of the event. Friday orders over $20 will receive a 28Litsea Vanilla Spice Lip Balm, plus we will add an Orgaid Anti-Aging Sheet Mask to orders over $35. Saturday orders over $30 will receive a Lily Lolo Natural Mascara. Sunday orders over $30 will receive Upcircle Face Serum, plus we will add a GingerChi Jade Roller to orders over $85. Questions? Email us at: info@thechoosychick.com