Treating breakouts naturally

You wake up in the morning and there it is.  

The North Star - looking right back atcha in the mirror.  Argh!  You definitely want to avoid harsh chemicals  like synthetic Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide commonly found in most acne control skincare products - even the FDA issued warnings about these ingredients.  Whether you have a whole cluster or a simple pimple,  we have something for you!   Check out these products expertly curated for oily and/or acne prone skin from some of our favorite non-toxic brands. 


1. Dr. Alkaitis - Cleanser, Gel and Nourishing Treatment Oil:   With a PhD in chemistry and a product line that began in 1996, Dr. Alkaitis is truly a pioneer in organic skincare.  He believes in a holistic approach, as  the skin reflects what is going on deeper within the body.  We were fortunate  to catch a live radio broadcast with the genius himself.  He spoke of three of his products that literally healed his daughter's cystic, bleeding acne and scarring.  He recommends the Organic Purifying Cleanser, Organic Soothing Gel, (awesome for sunburns, eczema, bites or other inflammatory skin conditions) and the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. (We love this all over the body, especially for adding shine and repairing dry hair.) These products can also be found in the Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit.  His products, made from whole plants are loved by celebrities the world-over including top model Gisele!

2. Solavedi Organics - Honey Blossom, Clarifying Facial Oil:   Solavedi Organics (local to The Choosy Chick, by the way) expertly crafts an array of skincare products with their specialty of handmade, triple infused oils.   Our favorite Solavedi product for cleansing is  Honey Blossom Calming Cleanser with antibacterial properties from raw honey. 

3. HollyBeth Organics - Marigold Facial Foaming Cleanser: Time for some Southern soothing!  HollyBeth Organics is well known for being one of the few USDA Organic Skincare lines.  Her garden-inspired recipes are created to suit the needs of many different skin types.   We love HollyBeth's Marigold Facial Foaming Cleanser - gentle on delicate skin, yet tough on potential breakouts. All natural, detergent-free aloe vera castile soap is infused with organic essential oils to balance combination and acne-prone skin. Calendula acts as a mild astringent; sandalwood helps to heal scars and wounds, while grapefruit essential oil acts as a detoxifying agent. 

4.  Dr. Sponge - Facial Cleansing Sponge in Charcoal:   Who doesn't love Dr. Sponge? With all these amazing cleansers, we cannot help but recommend one of our Dr. Sponge Facial Sponges made from the Konjac plant.  Activated bamboo charcoal is the ideal ingredient to combat excess oil secretion because it contains carbon and minerals with strong absorption abilities that are very effective at drawing out environmental toxins, dirt and impurities.  Also a good choice for weekly detox on dry and normal skin.

5.  Kimberly Sayer of London - Light Cleansing Lotion:  This refreshing flower- based cleanser contains Rosemary Extract and Lemon Oil that gently draw out surface impurities and decongest oily or acne-prone skin.  This gentle cleanser and makeup remover takes care of oily, clogged skin while balancing skin's natural PH.   And for those of you who thought your breakouts meant you'd  have to skip sunscreen all together, meet Kimberly Sayer's Ultralight Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 - This award winner is easy to apply and absorbs readily without clogging pores or causing breakouts.  Lemon Oil detoxifies the skin, minimizing oil production while drying up acne.  Contains organic, Non-Nano mineral sunblocks to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Excellent to use before applying makeup!

Check out our ENTIRE Collection of products for Acne Prone Skin!


  • Wash face - don't scrub - twice a day, particularly after perspiring.  ALWAYS wash face before retiring for the night.  NEVER sleep with makeup on.  Rinse with lukewarm water. This is nothing new - just a reminder.  Even when you're sooo tired, make yourself wash your face - or you might be sorry!

  • Change your pillow case frequently.

  • Don't pick, poke or squeeze blemishes.  This will make healing time longer.  You will irritate them, and introduce more bacteria and dirt to your face.  Avoid touching face period.  

  • Wash hair daily - especially if it is oily.

  • Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and fats with lots of leafy greens. Get Vitamin A from food sources like carrots, spinach and salmon.  Some people benefit from reducing or eliminating dairy sources from the diet. 

  • DRINK!  Be sure to drink enough water to flush out toxins and keep skin hydrated and plump. You don't need to overdo - 5-8 glasses a day is ample.  Add a slice of organic lemon to your water (preferably before breakfast) for a burst of anti-oxidants and vitamin C that are very beneficial for the skin.

  • Don't be afraid to use facial oils!  People with oily skin tend to shy away from facial oils, when in fact the right oils can be beneficial.  Often times, when skin is constantly stripped of oils, it triggers the body to produce more.  Using oil cleansers at the end of the day to thoroughly remove makeup and help balance the skin's oil production.